It is normal for a man to be hairy. But we are in the technological era. There is absolutely no reason why you need to live with barrels of back hair. Shaving your back hair is an efficient way of alleviating the bear look without putting in extra effort or money required by other techniques. But you can perform this task with a normal razor and soap. I suggest you opt for a back shaver. The best shaver for men aids the removal of the hair from all the hard-to-reach areas on your back effortlessly and painlessly. But there are just a few of these on the marketplace. And not all of them are ideal for every man.

What to Look for When Buying a Back Shaver


Back shavers are cheaper compared to laser or waxing treatments. Although they don’t eliminate hair completely, they are a one-time purchase. Though, you are required to consider the cost of new blades when making your decision. The price ranges from $15 to $50. High-end models came out with all the newest specs which include lithium batteries with a price of around $100. Replacement cartridges come at a price ranging from $15 – $20 for a pack of one to three.


Shaver models come with several varieties. There are a few key features to shop for. Always remember that the model or style doesn’t imply that one shaver is better than the other. Many of these features are more beneficial to some men than others.

There are varieties of handle lengths available. Some will come with long handles to reach every area of your back. Others are equipped with shorter handles for men who seek to remove shoulder hair.

Some shavers are built to provide a close shave. Others are equipped with 5-inch blades to boost the shave time, but the downside is that they don’t offer a very close shave.

Different shavers also offer ease of reach and a different grip. Some have a waterproof feature while others are suitable outside the shower environment.

Electric, Battery or Manual

You have 3 options: Manual, battery-powered, and electric. A manual back shaver can be taken to different places and used until the cartridge loses its power. If you are yet to make a decision about the one to choose between the battery-powered and electric shavers, you will need to consider two factors: usage and battery life. Some batteries need to be charged while other shavers feature good old AA batteries.

The incorporation of a battery into a shaver usually results in a tasking, less ergonomic shaving experience. The same applies to electric shavers. You will need to check the power capability and how it affects your shave. You will need to ensure you are not purchasing a trimmer for “manscaping” when what you desire is a clean shave.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning your shaver is an operation you will have to do. Ensure that your shaver is easy to maintain and clean. Six steps are all that is needed to clean razors applied to your face. But since you will be making use of a bigger cartridge and a clumsier shaped device, you will need to ensure you can keep it in a secure environment.