The moment you mention the phrase “photo touch-up,” photographers, regardless of their skill levels, get sensitive all of a sudden. In fact, a lot of people get moist. Why? Well, we’re supposed to be artists. We’re supposed to take pictures that are the products of inspiration.

We’re not supposed to use any sort of prop. We’re not encouraged to use any kind of technical crutch. Last time I checked, when photographers use filters or use editing touch-ups on their photos, they cease to be photographers. Instead, they become Instagram wannabes.

I don’t know if you are already aware of this, but in the world of photography, whether it’s amateur photography or professional photography, there are two camps. There are people who are real photographers. Yes, these are people who really take photography very seriously. No joke. Real story. In fact, there is a significant segment of the online photo hobby niche who live, eat, talk, photography. Everything and anything they talk about has something to do with the right gear, fstop, frames, lenses, that kind of thing.

And I emphasize the fact that the word “real” has quotation marks around it because hey, what’s “real” to you might be flat out fake to somebody else and nobody’s the wiser, okay? That’s the truth there. But nobody wants truth bombs. Everybody wants to live their lives with their own comfortable set of delusions, okay?

So with that said, the other camp, of course, are everybody else. We are, of course, talking about Instagram wannabes. These are people who use filters for their photos so their photos can look their very best. These are people who really have no talent, but they just use all sorts of cheap tricks to create passable quality photos. In other words, this is the kind of photographer you don’t want to be.

And this really is too bad because there are certain subject matters that don’t look good with raw photos. It doesn’t matter how expensive your camera is, it doesn’t matter how great the lighting is, it doesn’t matter whether you caught the shot at the perfect time with the right angle and with the right amount of light. None of that matters. If you don’t believe me, vibration machines are one of these subjects.

Try taking pictures of even the very best vibration machines in full operation and see what you get. The pictures, as awesome as they may seem to you, don’t look clear enough. They don’t fulfill or meet basic quality requirements of “professional photos.”

This is why I would argue that you need to do photo touch-ups. Pay attention to the word “need.” This is by no means a first option. This is by no means a shortcut. This is a necessity. And until or unless you are ready to overcome your purist tendencies, your pictures of even the very best vibration machines would look downright amateurish and incomplete.

This is the cold, hard truth that too many photographers simply don’t want to listen to. And it really is too bad.