Anyone that appreciates heat transfer products knows the true value of a heat press machine. Reputable graphic printing companies would have a tough time meeting with demands if they don’t have one on standby. Those who are involved in graphics printing on a daily basis and still don’t see heat transferring of graphics as a professional craft have similar chances of benefiting from this excellent machine. If you have the appropriate heat transfer printer plus heat press machine for home use, there is so much that you can do from the comfort of your home.

It is important you are aware of the fact that these machines are very easy to use, by professionals and people with little or no experience. Heat press machines do not take up much space, thus making them efficient space-wise. Heat press machines are useful for smooth and quality results.

However, the best benefit of this excellent machine is the speed with which it operates. Most especially when compared with other graphics printing devices in the market. When you employ a hand iron, it requires manual pressure and it is time consuming but a heat press machine, on the other hand, has a control panel incorporated to assist in programming your specs. The heat press machine has been reviewed as being helpful in carrying out most assignment quickly and efficiently with very little effort.

At this juncture, we need to dwell on the important features that ought to be included in a heat press machine in order to make it very easy to accomplish heat transfer assignments.

Features to Look out for in a Heat Press Machine

A very easy-to-understand control panel: it is important you are aware of the fact that not everyone is computer literate, so the heat press machine should be fabricated in a manner that it can easily be operated even for the first-time usage.

Adjustable heat and pressure settings: different surfaces and fabrics require different pressure and heat levels, thus making it important that you find a machine with different settings.

Long lasting and sturdy: if you are coming up with a big budget to acquire this machine, it’s most definitely because you want to get more from the machine. Ensure that the machine you settle for guarantees durability.

A simple design: There is no need for you to sacrifice the majority of the space in your home or office for a machine just because you are in need of an easy means to complete your heat transfer assignments. It is important that you find a machine that is portable and at the same time capable of completing your assignments effectively.

PowerPress Industrial-Quality 15″ x 15″ Heat Press

The favorite mention on our list is the PowerPress Industrial Heat Press. It has been modified from its previous models. The base of the machine is fabricated from rubber silicon. You will find the heat platen coated and the addition of a coated sheet.

The machine is designed brilliantly, it opens upwards. Its design allows it to save a lot of space in your office or home. It is very useful in applying heat to ID badges, ceramic tiles, bags, garments, mouse pad and more.

If you want to understand more about the different time and heat settings, it is best that you experiment with some old shirts around the house or perhaps a sample fabric. Most people find that 310 degree is an excellent temperature that works efficiently when applied for 15 seconds.