If perchance you are like the demographics of the public I’ve met over the years, you most definitely for your new tools set want to start your collection but there is a very high chance that you are puzzled on how to get it at an affordable price. According to righttorisesuperpac.org, the best mechanic tool set is a very costly investment and acquiring cheap tools has its disadvantages. If perchance while working on an assignment, one of the tools get broken, you’ll be stuck.

In actual fact, the world of tools does not in any way have to be frightening. All you need to build a nice collection of reliable and dependable tools is good comparison shopping and a little bit of common sense. You can get the best of tools without drilling a hole in your pocket, however I never said you will find reliable and dependable tools for cheap. It is important you don’t settle for cheap when looking for reliable and dependable tools for your new tools set, because you’ll end up doing multiple purchases for the same tools. Having said the following, below you will find some of my honest suggestions.

#1 – It is important you do your shopping for tool in a reputable automotive parts store in your locality, however try as much as possible to avoid purchasing house brands. Look out for only big name tools when you choose to shop at major automotive parts stores because you can find great tools there.

#2 – Keep your eyes on the newspapers for advertisements. It is important you are aware of the fact that father’s day sales are goldmines.

#3 – It is important that you buy the different tools of various sizes rather than acquiring a random size collection.

#4 – Ensure that the tools are all examined in terms of quality. Look out for the smoothness or toughness at the edges. What you are looking for is a tool with no rough edges and one that is fabricated from high-grade steel.

#5 – This will most definitely be of help to you than all other suggestions put together. When you are shopping at the stores, look out for friendly-looking associates. Friendly looking associates in the sense that they are people you need to be friends with. They have knowledge on what’s being closed out, where the specials are, what you’ll find on sale etc. The majority are automobile enthusiasts and they know what makes a tool a quality one. Get to know them in person, it will save you so much money.

There is no doubt that there are over 150 specialized automotive tools readily available and they are a must have when dealing with a mechanical job. Nonetheless, there are basic tools that every mechanic are required to have and we will provide you with a little description of some of the tools.


There are various sizes and types of screwdrivers, among which include Phillips, flat head, star head and torx. It is important you have a selection of all types in your toolbox.

Ratcheting Spanner

This is somewhat a cross between the traditional ring spanner and socket wrench. They are fabricated for use mostly in areas where there is an issue with restricted access. The ratchet mechanism and flat design allow the working on bolts or nuts where a socket finds it difficult to fit. The ratchet spanner ensures a fast job, owing to the fact that the spanner stays in contact with the bolt or nut, as its chance of slipping is reduced.