There are several ways of tracking the location of a mobile phone. This fact is true these days because there is a growing number of people that share their handynummer orten with family and friends voluntarily.

Both iPhone and Android devices are pre-designed with location tracking utilities. They are usually in operation as long as the location services (GPS) on the cellphone is switched on, and the owner has enabled an app to track their location.

In this article, we will discuss the few ways you can exploit the benefits of these location tracking services.

Find an Android Phone through Device Manager

The true fact is that it is incredibly easy to track the location of your android phone. As long as you enable the location services on your Android device, visit the Find My Device page of the Android Device Manager to detect the location of your phone.

Once you carry out this task, you will see the exact GPS location of your phone as exhibited by a small green icon available on Google Maps.

On the left side of the map, it will show three services that you can utilize if your phone is not at your disposal:

Play a sound: This will trigger your phone to beep for five minutes even if the sound setting is set to silent. If the phone is at your environment, you should be able to hear the sound.

Lock: If you discover that your phone is lost, you can ensure that it is locked so no one can gain access to your information.

Erase: If there is no hope of finding your phone and want to prohibit anyone from accessing your sensitive information, you can erase all the documents permanently.

It is wise to ensure you have activated the location services on your phone and also permitted Google to track your phone location. To achieve this task, proceed to Settings > Security & Location > Location. Then go to Find My Device in the same section to enable tracking.

Then if there are times you lost your device, you can quickly make use of one of these features to secure your information.

Find an Android Phone through Google’s Find Your Phone

Asides from the Find My Device feature, we also have the Find Your Phone page with additional features embedded in it.

This page will display a list of every device you used to access your Google Account. Select the tablet or phone you want to track.

Once you do, it will display a long list of utilities with features similar to the Android Device Manager:

Check updated security events: This will display a log of any reset requests or recent password change submitted to Google.

Lock your phone: You can lock your phone with immediate effect so no one can access it.

Try calling your phone: Allows you to access your contacts list (to look for your number in case you forgot it) or a Google Hangouts session to enable you to call your phone.

Sign out of Google on your phone: This will ensure that you are logged out from your device, so nobody can gain access to your Google account information or confidential information.