Tracking a Mobile phone can be accomplished through numerous methods as seen in the video from the link, The most common method is through a tracking app. You can find lots of this application in the App Store for Apple, or Google plays for Android. This software is compatible with phones that come with GPS chipsets, like smartphones. The app powering the phone obtains longitude and latitude coordinates from the phone’s pre-designed GPS chipset and delivers the information to an internet connected server. A user can link up with that server and detects the coordinates of the phone, which can be displayed on a satellite map like Google Maps.

The location accuracy with an app that sources its position data from the GPS chipset of the phone is usually very accurate. Nevertheless, the drawbacks are numerous.  First and foremost is the battery drain on the mobile phone. Apps making use of the GPS chipset of the phone consume a lot of power, which drain your phone’s battery quickly. It is not very beneficial especially when your phone has a short battery lifespan before needing a recharge.

Secondly, it is incredibly easy to switch off the app thereby disabling your tracking services. By simply turning off the location services or stopping most apps, it renders the app useless.

Another option is through the installation of tracking software on your phone. There are several companies out there selling several kinds of phone tracking software. We have come across many of those claiming to have numerous features. Like reading their text messages, perusing someone’s phone calls and so on. Asides from the fact that it is illegal, this goes beyond checking through someone’s personal information. Note that we don’t condone these types of illicit activities.

How Our System Tracks a Cell Phone

Our mobile phone tracking methods have different features and functions from the ones above. In fact, with our system, there is no other software or app used to access location information of cell phones.

Here is how we perform this task. Our system will exploit the mobile phone carrier’s network running on the phone. If the GPS is activated on the phone, we exploit GPS location data from the device, which is usually very genuine. If our system fails to get GPS data from the phone, we go for the location based on cell tower triangulation.

Checking location accuracy through this technique is less accurate. The location position information comes in different distance ranges. Results gotten from urban regions are much better compared to rural areas with just a few towers.

In case we want to query a carrier’s network our methods for exploiting mobile phone location data were evaluated by each individual carrier we work with. This implies that our system adheres strictly with industry accepted privacy protection issues. You cannot just track any mobile phone on our system. All phones registered on our service must log onto the service. This function is performed automatically when a user registers a phone on our system through text message.