To find the location of an iPhone, I suggest that you make use of the service available on But if you intend to perform this task using an Android phone, it can lead to issues. If you try to access the iCloud page to track your iPhone’s location, it will show you that the web page of your browser isn’t supported. This is Apple’s way of ensuring that others won’t have access to it, but don’t despair, because there are ways of handling it.

If you intend to use the service, you have to follow some steps, first, click on the three-dot menu icon positioned at the top-right corner of the Chrome browser window and choose the Request desktop site in the dropdown category.

Once you activate this, the sign-in page for iCloud will come alive. Log in to your iCloud account, and voila— it will show you a map with the exact location of your iPhone. Similar to tracking an Android phone, the location services must be activated on your iPhone for this to function. And keep in mind that you can log into iCloud from another device like a computer to track the location of your iPhone. Now you know how to detect the location of your iPhone, even if people around you make use of an Android device. Another thing is that we have shown you the steps to take to find a lost iPhone.

Trace a Mobile Phone’s Location via Other Apps

Maybe you intend to track the phone location of your friends or family. I want to inform you that there is no app that will reveal the location of a mobile gadget based on a phone number. In case you one across anyone who claims to do it, always know that it is a scam.

The only way you can ever track the location of a mobile phone is through the installation of software on the phone. The phone owner must also activate location services on the phone.

The exciting news is that many people share their GPS location voluntarily. Yes, even many of your close pals.

Share Your Location on Google Maps

Another exciting way you can let your loved ones track the location of your phone is by enabling your location through Google Maps – one of the app’ best-hidden features.

If you open this app and go through the left menu, it will display a location sharing option on the list.

When you click it, it will allow you to share the location of your phone. You can specify a time duration to share your location until you disable the feature.

Maps allow you to select the people you intend to share your location with. Once you and your close pals share your location with one another, it will show you the location of the other person on the map, identified with the image displayed on your Google account profile.

This is a fantastic way for a parent to guarantee their safety while they are away for an occasion. It is also an excellent way for parents to trace the location of their kids and not worry over their kids’ disappearance.