Yamaha (portable) P series is known to deliver superior quality, control features and sufficient connectivity. Among these set is the Yamaha P-115, an advanced piano that comes with fully-weighted 88 keys and a host of other fantastic features. This piano is described in a post on bestdigitalpianoguide.com as a perfect match for those who want to perform on stage particularly if they are looking to partner with other players without making an attempt to force the complex features. Asides from using the instrument for concert, there are a lot of more fantastic places that you can use this piano.

In this article, we will focus solely on the specifications of the piano.


Yamaha P-115 is designed with genuine CF sound engine that has once been used in the design of the Yamaha P-225 the number one piano in the P-line series. The genuine PF sounds come with the 001 grand piano recreated from the Yamaha CFIIIS 9’ concert Grand with each note having multiple volume levels. The grand piano delivers realistic and exceptionally clear sound with a fantastic resonance and decay. The combination of both delivers a more vibrant and convincing sound compared to the previous model P-105.

The sound generated can even be superior and better when you listen to the sound with a pair of quality headphones. Asides this, there are 14 additional instrument voice options that sound authentic. This includes Wood bass, Harpsichord, Strings, Vibraphone, three electric pianos, three organs and three grand pianos.


Yamaha entry-level digital pianos are equipped with Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) keyboard actions that are stable and fully weighted providing the user with a natural keyboard feel. This is applicable to the Yamaha P-115. It is equipped with 88 weighted keys that are lighter in the high end and heavy when advancing towards the low end.

The piano keys are made to feel the touch of the users’ fingers thereby making it possible to produce various sound variation relative to the intensity you apply on the keys. Another exciting feature is that you can change the touch level to what suits your needs or playing style to enable you perform better and master the instrument quickly. This preset is structured into four settings: hard, fixed, medium (default) and soft.

When you choose the fixed setting, you tighten the touch sensitivity, and the piano delivers the same volume regardless of the intensity you apply to the keys. The hard settings delivers a dynamic tones ranging from softest pianissimo to the exploding fortissimo and gives space to accommodate the aggressiveness of the player.


The Yamaha P-115 piano comes with a compact design that is similar to the P-45 series. Without the inclusion of a stand, it has a length of 52.2 inches, 11.6 inches width and 6.4 inches height. The piano can conveniently fit into a small space or room due to the fact it doesn’t occupy too much floor space. Even better, it can be placed on a desk to link up with a computer, but for more convenience, I suggest that you place the instrument on a dedicated stand, I bet that it will look great on it. But, always keep in mind that you have to purchase a stand because Yamaha P-115 does not include any of them in their package when you make a purchase.