Pre-Thanksgiving weigh-in

It’s been three weeks since my last weigh-in. I’ve mostly done the weigh-in thing every other week, but decided to hold off an extra week to get a number just before the holiday.

Wowee wow wow. I’m down 12 lbs to 281!

Since last year, I’ve lost 93 lbs. Seven more to go to 100. Alas, at that weight, I’ll be at my previous high, which means I’ve got 100+ still to go.

It’s funny, 93 in a year doesn’t exactly sound like a lot. But when you figure that I went off plan in a huge way (read: back to old patterns) for two of those twelve months, I guess it’s not so bad. Frankly, I’m so happy that the struggle seems to be gone that it just doesn’t matter what the scale says. Like I’ve said before, sometimes I have to remind myself that I’m still really, really fat :).

But one of the things I’ve been enjoying is just how much I’m able to be back in the real world. I spent three hours at the mall on Saturday doing Christmas shopping. I couldn’t have done that a year ago. And then yesterday, I met a friend for lunch before a movie, and as we were led to a booth, I didn’t give it a second thought. At the movie theater, I didn’t have to worry about whether or not the arm rests were movable. Big yay!

So, in two days, I take off for the family homestead. It should be quite the test. I’m not planning on weighing myself again until December 5th. I figure that if I weigh myself on the 28th, just the water weight gain could be impressive. And even if I do put on some weight, giving myself a week (or more if I need it) to get back on plan and make it a wash seems to me to be kinder in the long run. And who knows? Maybe I’ll surprise myself and actually lose.

One thing I will try and figure out is how to fit more activity in. If you’ve been reading this for a while, you probably know that I’m not formally exercising. I fully expect to wind up with an exercise plan to support longer-term health goals, but what I’ve been working on is stopping the compulsive eating.

Sure, exercise can be good re the endorphins and all that, but I think for me, it would have created more stress than it would have relieved…at least back at 375. But I’m sure that part of the last 12 lbs had to do with the fact that I can now walk more than a block, and so am now doing that as part of my daily life.

Like I said, for now, exercise for me is any time not spent in front of the TV, and I try to do something every day. That actually turns out to have a lot of benefit, as I’m getting to projects that have been on the backburner for years. Accomplishing these creates, IMO, the same kind of positive buzz that exercise would. And the net result is that it makes my environment better, which supports staying on the plan.

All I can say is iupiii!

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