The Biggest Loser: Last men vs women

Well, I’ve got to get up in just a few hours and begin the holiday drive. PA Turnpike, please be kind!

But I can’t leave without getting in a quick post re The Biggest Loser and my ongoing exploration about how unfair it was to begin this season’s competition with the men versus the women (discussed previously here, here, here, here, here, and here).

What a surprise! (Not.) The men (Seth and Matt) beat the women (Suzy and Andrea) 3.77% to 2.34%. That’s more than a 50% difference folks. It wasn’t even close. This makes it 9 wins for the men and 2 for the women.

Fair? My (substantial) ass.

And this episode had its ups and downs. First, I felt a bit badly for Matt on the challenge. On the one hand, it’s not like the producers could tell them about the real competition. But if I were Suzy or Andrea (or even Seth) watching Matt climb that ladder like that, I would have stopped hustling. What was their incentive to bust their butts? There was no prize for 2nd or 3rd.

But any sympathy I had for Matt disappeared when he actually grinned after Andrea weighed in. I really was rooting for him to be below the line. Speaking of which, I don’t think they should have been able to vote someone off on the last weigh-in. Then again, it turned out great. I don’t know what Seth and Matt were thinking. Andrea didn’t have a chance of catching them, but Suzy does.

Here’s my calculation for overall weight loss (by percentage):

Suzy 29.1%

Matt 32.2%

Seth 29.9%

I think Suzy and Seth both stand a good chance. Should make for an interesting finale!

Happy Thanksgiving all. May your eating be sane!

2 Responses to “The Biggest Loser: Last men vs women”

I am convinced that Matt is an actor and that they rigged it for the 3 of them to be on there last. Given the track record of voting off the strongest player, it did not make sense for them to send Andrea home. I wish Matt would get his acting gig and that Seth can win this thing.

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